Group balancing agreement

In order to access the GASPOOL market area, a balance area agreement is required along with the entry and exit agreements.
This agreement will directly contract the group balancing network operator GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH with the transport customer.

The balance area agreement provides the operational basis for gas transport and/or the transfer of quantities of gas between balance areas, and governs the reconciliation and settlement of difference quantities.

Existing balance area agreements can be amended to incorporate new, additional capacity. Otherwise, a new group balance agreement must be entered into when capacity is reserved.  

In order to enter into a balance area agreement, please register to the balance area portal from GASPOOL Services GmbH.

The balance area agreement takes some time to process and must be entered into at least 10 working days before the intended start date for use of the balance area (implementation deadline). This does not affect the requirement to carry out a communication test as described in the Operating Manual.

Gasunie Deutschland Services GmbH is our service provider for the dispatching services, therefore the Operating Manual of Gasunie applies for jordgasTransport as well.