German gas TSOs publish final NDP for the period from 2016 to

  • €3.9bn earmarked for expansion of national natural gas infrastructure over the period to 2026
  • 113 projects to secure long-term gas supply security in Germany


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BNetzA repealed regulation HoKoWä during oral hearing with immediate effect

On 11 October 2017, the Bundesnetzagentur repealed their regulation BK9-13/607 (HoKoWä) during oral hearing at the OLG Düsseldorf with immediate effect. Therefore, there will be no harmonized entry tariff at the entry-exit zone GASPOOL.

Reorganisation of jordgasTransport

Joint statement of jordgasTransport GmbH and its indirect shareholders Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH and Open Grid Europe GmbH

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Information about the tariff structure of jordgasTransport GmbH as of 01.01.2018

jordgasTransport GmbH (jordgasTransport) as TSO publishes pursuant to Art. 20, paragraph 1 of the German Energy Law (EnWG) the tariffs for grid access in calendar year 2018.

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Clarification of the calculation of renomination restrictions in the case of secondary trading

jordgasTransport GmbH makes aware about unclear explanations in the “BDEW/VKU/GEODE - Leitfaden Bilanzkreismanagement Gas vom 30.06.2016” concerning the calculation of renomination restrictions in the case of secondary trading of capacity (page. 58, Section 4.1.1, 1. dash).

According to § 12 Section 7 of the “General Terms and Conditions for Entry and Exit Contract” the renomination restrictions are based on the capacity booked by the shipper at the booking point at 2 p.m. D-1. In case the shipper sells the capacity on the secondary market according to § 19 of the General Terms and Conditions for Entry and Exit Contract, it has to be distinguished between transfer of use (§ 19 Section 2) and the assignment of the contract to a third party (§ 19 Section 3). In case of transfer of use, the shipper transferring the capacity remains contract partner to the capacity contract (§ 19 Section 2 phrase 2). As a result the capacity which use is transferred is still be considered for the calculation of renomination restrictions of the transferring shipper at the booking point. Only in case of an assignment of a contract to a third party the assigning shipper is no longer contract partner to the capacity contract. Therefore the assigned capacity is not be considered for the calculation of the renomination restrictions for the assigning shipper in such a case.

jordgasTransport final tariffs for transport capacity 2017

jordgasTransport GmbH published the final transportation tariffs for the year 2016. The price list covers the tariffs respectively, which are determined on our actually best knowledge and represent the tariffs valid from 1st January 2016.

Nationwide Neutrality charge

As announced in GASPOOLs press release from 30 September 2016, a nationwide Neutrality charge for the gradual switchover from low to high CV gas will be introduced by 1 January 2017. This is based on the decision of the German Federal Council from 25 November 2016 regarding the amendment of Art. 19a of the German Energy Act.

The neutrality charge will be collected by the Transmission system operators and is set at 0,1339 €/kWh/h/a by 1 January 2017. For further information please contact us or the association of German gas TSOs (FNB Gas).